Built a Social reporting platform for Telstra

Julian Hebden
Julian Hebden Telstra
Guy has a great working style, he genuinely tries his utmost to ensure that he delivers real value not just powerpoint and undelivered promises. Recently when I had a tricky problem and no time to deliver I went straight to Guy. He delivered of course, but he managed to exceed my expectations AGAIN. I cannot recommend him too highly.


Two Participo employees flew to Melbourne for an intensive week of installing a collaboration platform, building a ‘rapid prototype’ of ‘social reporting’ application, in addition to coaching the IT executive team on the implementation and benefits of collaborative software.

Key Activities:

  • Agile project development
  • Software implementation
  • Executive coaching

It was an intensive week – we worked directly with key stake-holders in an ‘agile’ process’; defining functional goals together and developing and reviewing functionality within tight, twice-daily review cycles.

The Telstra project was indicative of the specialised project work that we’re asked to do – a blend of strategy and implementation of collaboration systems to support a specific workflow, project or business challenge.

What we did

Telstra had to deal with a proliferation of internal reports within their financial reporting departments

There was a general lack of visibility about who was using various reports, if they were still valid, or used valid and up to date data sources. In addition, there were increasing incidences of reports overlapping on certain outputs.

So, as part of a ‘Reporting Best Practice’ programme, Telstra wanted to rationalise reports, and one core element was to look at how they designed, accredited, distributed and, where appropriate, decommissioned reports.

The goal was to replace multiple reporting websites with a single portal for all of finance reporting at Telstra. That portal was a single collaborative reporting discovery and collaboration site built around Wiki technology.


The project was hugely successful – it delivered an immediately useful application for IT management, demonstrated the value of rapid prototyping to the IT team, and we continued to work with the team to deliver additional ‘apps’ onto the platform.

Wiki technology enables every user to add reports to the Wiki. It also enables the employees to stay on top of reporting through a built- in inventory function with usage hits, star user ratings and discussion forums on individual reports.

Employees could could do keyword searches for reports, set up alerts to mail them when a report was updated.


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