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Participo is a UK based software and consultancy practice. We use a hands-on, collaborative approach to help groups discover, learn and share their knowledge and ideas.


Why a flower?

Our logo is a Thale Cress flower; we heard a story about how bio-engineers modified Thale Cress to flower red in the presence of explosives from discarded landmines; a simple, low cost, yet highly effective way to prevent people walking into danger.

We think it’s a great example of how simple ideas can have a profound affect on people’s lives.

While we don’t really ‘do’ mission statements, and we’re definitely under no illusion that we’re saving lives, we do strive to underpin our products and projects with great, simple and accessible ideas that improve people’s (working) lives.

So, we chose Thale Cress as our logo – to share the story, and provide us with inspiration.



We help companies share knowledge and ideas in the areas of Social Business, Collaboration, and Training/L&D technologies.

We develop strategies for maximising benefits from social software, and deliver collaboration, social business, training and comms programmes and platforms.

Typical activities include: Programme Strategy and Analysis, Prototyping, Programme delivery, Tech implementation, Evangelism, Executive coaching

Case studies



We’ve built, and run an ‘Attention Management System’ – a cloud-based enterprise software platform for large companies, that solves the ‘Attention Deficit’ problem – how to deliver information to employees in the ‘broken attention’ environments of retail and call-centres, so they can pay attention to the ‘here and now’ information they need to know, on a daily and weekly basis.

Our marketing site for the platform is: http://www.attention-manager.com

Wiki frameworks

We’ve come to regard a wiki as an Enterprise collaboration ‘Operating System’ – a baseline of collaboration functionality. On top of this ‘OS’ we have built multiple wiki frameworks; combinations of software and services, including:

  • FeedBackLabs – Idea management framework to enable Open Innovation
  • Questions – wiki framework to augment knowledge bases
  • Stats Pack – detailed statistics framework for Confluence, measuring collaboration success



As part of our client work and R&D, Participo focuses on developing software and strategies in ‘social business’ and corporate training – ideas and applications that support our belief that groups of people work, learn and deliver real ‘value’ when given the freedom to informally collaborate and share their ideas and work through networked computing.

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