social bookmarking?

Group collaboration around the activity of search an bookmarking – it’s what Yahoo recently launched – read about it from insiders here and here and get an excellent review here.
I think this is fascinating, basically, it’s ‘social search’ – I search in yahoo and save interesting pages…and I can search within my community for results that my friends have already tagged – i.e. search becomes twice as useful – because I have the added relevancy of my friends.
If I was searching for books, I’d be sure to refine the search against Evan’s bookmarks/search tags, ‘cos he’s a domain expert.
Apply the same principles to workgroups, and suddenly you’ve got an always-on expertise network that’s growing…as an employee, I have as much expertise on hand through my friends, but I can combine this with colleague’s tags/bookmarks as well.
Delicious is already providing the infrastructure – just look at the sidebar on this site.
I’ve been thinking a lot about how bookmarks can provide the ‘objects’ that employees can grok and start to share – a Delicious style application in the workplace would be a great way to introduce the real value from social networking activities to employee groups…the behaviours, expectations and barriers would fall pretty rapidly – it’s s small step to ‘light’ blogging and mixing the whole thing into a nice disruptive knowledge ‘management’ tool.
And by the way, knowledge management is such a shit term – knowledge enabling is the goal, surely?
Maybe have some more on this tomorrow…