excellent Brian Eno essay on the ‘Long Now’

By way of Kottke, is a great short essay by Brian Eno on the Long Now (actually it’s about the connected idea of ‘big here’).
I’ve got Stewart Brand’s book on the Long Now clock project (possible holiday read…) – I’m really trying to live this idea for long-term planning. At the moment, I can visualise (that’s important, to visualise) about a year ahead. But my 5 year/10 year/life goals are pretty fuzzy, to say the least.
But what about ideas for my daughter’s future life, and beyond that? I guess we look beyond the ‘here’ when we recycle and worry about Climate Change?
This failure to look beyond the next few months has deep implications for knowledge sharing too – I’ve been looking closely at email behaviours…the problem with email is that the _problem_ is abstracted to the future…sending an email to a closed group is easy ‘now’ – no-one thinks of what happens when that information is needed in a month, or 3, or heaven forbid, a year from now.