Twitter for business?

Dennis Howlett nails what I thought as soon as I heard WordPress were doing a lightweight Twitter called Prologue (actually it’s more microblogging, as no sms/email love) inside WordPress.
The more widespread I see ‘consumery’ tech like this take off inside companies, the more obvious it becomes – companies are just _groups of people_ – the same tools that _groups of people_ use outside the firewall are pretty applicable inside.
Especially when those groups are operating outside shitty IT-mandated toolsets like Office.
I’ve not played with it yet, but reading the release info it really could do with an email->prologue interface – then it really will get traction inside project groups etc.
UPDATE: Just had a play in my account. Hmmm. Atually, they’ve not really emulated Twitter, but Tumblr. A good target.
I love Tumblr’s minimalist posting interface, I’d switch to WordPress in a heartbeat if it got 50% of the way there in terms of ‘microblogging’ in the way Prologue promises.
(Via TechMeme.)