‘frugal’ computing

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: Welcome back to frugal computing is a fascinating article on the paradox of computing abundance…it squares nicely with this article profiling Jeff Bezos’s conversation with Tim O’Reilly:
“Bezos explained that the biggest cost for Amazon is not power, servers or people maintaining data centers, but utilization. “Because we are high volume, low margin, we are focused on things like power, but lack of utilization is the dominant cost for everybody in world who operates a datacenter. He gave out a figure of 17 percent for utilization (not Amazon’s), which is like leaving a 747 on the ground 83 percent of the time.”
GreenPeace storming data centres? Green CIOs? Well, Sun’s got a green CEO :-)
God, I want to really riff about all this, but I’m grabbing a salad and 5 mins at a client gig, so it’ll have to wait…