New York maps… and unexplained absence

a_team_marketingWonderful New York map
A whole month has passed without a post (but what a month!)
First up, I went to New York a few weeks ago. Not only did I meet Evan, the other participo author, for the second time in 3 yrs (that’s a total of 5 hrs face time in total!) and Mrs Evan (Jen) and some other RWD colleagues, but I also intrepidly explored the city that never sleeps. And I also bought the most fantastic map – which is more relevant information for here. I’d posted about it previously and it really is a superb example of visual mapping.
By turning the map it displays three overlaid view – click the photo for a movie demonstration. It was really useful as I had no idea where I was most of the time in terms of the neighbourhood, or where the subway stations were. This let me focus on the task in hand (food, apple store, museums, etc.)
And since I’ve got back, I’ve been using Newsmap, which is also a fantastic example of visual information mapping. It basically sucks in google news feeds, uses a Treemap view to display the relevance of news stories. It’s really interesting to compare a few countries side by side, you get an immediate feel for how news is being reflected in coverage – some interesting patterns are showing up with Iraq stories. And the rest of the world still doesn’t seem to care about Janet Jackson’s breast as much as the USA does.