We help companies share knowledge and ideas in the areas of Social Business, Collaboration, and Training/L&D.

We develop strategies for maximising benefits from social software, and deliver collaboration, social business, training and comms programmes and platforms.

Examples of our consulting engagements:


A collaboration platform for T-Mobile

We worked with the IT Directorate of T-Mobile UK to develop a series of collaboration-focused solutions to help drive employee performance.

Key activities: Strategy, Programme delivery, Tech implementation, Evangelism, Exec coaching

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Collaboration strategy and prototypes for a global advertiser

The head of one of one of the global departments of a large advertising organisation bought me in to develop a collaboration strategy.

Key activities: Programme Strategy and Analysis, Prototyping using Jive social business software, Internal briefings and analysis papers, Executive and team coaching,

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Built a Social reporting platform for Telstra

We flew to Melbourne for an intensive week of installing a collaboration platform, building a ‘rapid prototype’ of ‘social reporting’ application, and coaching the IT executive team.

Key activities: Agile project development, Software implementation, Executive coaching

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Ran a Certification Campaign for global telecoms firm

Our customer asked us to support their UK-wide certification programme for their 3rd party B2B party sales network.

Key activities: Programme Strategy and Analysis, Coaching, Training needs analysis

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