Using SharePoint to power a newsroom

The BBC built a newsroom production tool using SharePoint as a ‘discussion first’, rather than ‘document-first’ environment. Whilst a news story has a different intensity to a ‘normal’ project; they look a bit like projects.

What can we learn from the collaboration in a news room?

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Pinching an idea from the Financial Times

Every morning, at 11am, a handful of FT journalists get together and run a simple web-based chat session. It’s a talk between smart colleagues; insidery, stuffed with early-stage ideas, company news and theories being bounced around.

What if this model was replicated inside a Company?

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The measured employee

Feedback loops – the act of measuring something on an ongoing basis, changes your future behaviour, because you remember and anticipate the recording of what you’re about to do. Well designed feedback loops have made people drive safer, and lose weight.

Could the same design principles help employees work better?

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The reversing of the Bell curve

At least once a month I find myself talking about the the ‘reverse bell curve’ idea – the traditional ‘middle’ distribution of ‘stuff’ seems to have completely reversed, and now ‘everything’ is distributed to the extremes; politics, wealth, employment, food, consumer goods, media…

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Wikis vs. SharePoint?

It’s helpful to frame the Wiki vs. SharePoint question by looking at how they support ideas emerging from informal ad-hoc collaboration into formal ‘published information and ‘micro-processes’…

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The creator of PowerPoint reminds us that a PowerPoint presentation was never supposed to be the entire proposal, just a quick summary of something longer and better thought out…so why do we use it to distribute ideas?

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